CharacterPop breaks Chinese characters down to show you how they are made.

While not always useful, the results are usually quite interesting and can often help you better remember a character and gain a deeper understanding of its meaning.

The idea for CharacterPop came about in 2013 after being inspired by the rather delightful HanziCraft. We wanted to make something fun, and what's more fun than Chinese characters! :)

The black magic that occurs on our servers could not be possible without the awesome data provided by CC-CEDICT and Gavin Grover. *tips hat*

CharacterPop is run by Chris and Dave. We also run Mandarin Poster, and Chinese Hacks. If you'd like to suggest a feature, work with us or just get in touch, please use the contact page or send us a tweet.

If you would like to support development you can do so by subscribing.