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  •  Thumbnail for user: laobei

    Put my hand above my eye to look far into the distance — la mano en visera
    by laobei

  •  Thumbnail for user: Jennybean

    My hand to my forehead as I see into the distance
    by Jennybean

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCGizelleTaylor

    You cannot see with your hand over your eye. Or can you???
    by CLTCGizelleTaylor

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCKayla

    I can see because my eye is over my hand
    by CLTCKayla

  •  Thumbnail for user: Cltckaltoum

    I rubbed my eyes with my hand to see things clearer
    by Cltckaltoum

  •  Thumbnail for user: Cltcsafaa

    I couldn't see because the sun was shinning to bright
    by Cltcsafaa

  •  Thumbnail for user: cltcaalin

    I see my hand I see my eye I see my faaaaaaaaaaaart
    by cltcaalin

  •  Thumbnail for user: cltcumayr

    I see with one eye a guy getting hit with a fake hand
    by cltcumayr

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCDavid

    you can see with your eyes and touch with your hands
    by CLTCDavid

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCpaul

    eyes make you see what you do with your hands
    by CLTCpaul

  •  Thumbnail for user: rayanhassan8B

    I see YOU even though my hands are over my eyes
    by rayanhassan8B

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCSamira

    i use my hands to scratch my eyes so i can see
    by CLTCSamira

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCAndrew

    you cover your eyes with your hand to see through a beam of light
    by CLTCAndrew

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCOktay

    I see the world in its eyes, like its hands
    by CLTCOktay

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCpaije

    Can't you see that hands were made to hold eye balls.
    by CLTCpaije

  •  Thumbnail for user: cltcadna

    As I walked in I could see an old, hairy guy with his hand on his eye.
    by cltcadna

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCyaseminearifoski

    I see my hand with my eyes
    by CLTCyaseminearifoski

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCMichaelHawley

    I can see through my hands with my eyes.
    by CLTCMichaelHawley

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCIsmahan

    I scratch my eyeball to see clearly
    by CLTCIsmahan

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCbryan

    To see you must poke your eyes
    by CLTCbryan

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCAlicia

    I shielded my hand over my eyes so I could see clearly
    by CLTCAlicia

  •  Thumbnail for user: RobotPuppyMath

    I can see hands and eyes.
    by RobotPuppyMath


has more than one pronunciation


  • to see
  • to look at
  • to read
  • to watch
  • to visit
  • to call on
  • to consider
  • to regard as
  • to look after
  • to treat (an illness)
  • to depend on
  • to feel (that)
  • (after verb) to give it a try
  • Watch out! (for a danger)


  • to look after
  • to take care of
  • to watch
  • to guard


The most common words related to

  • to take a look at
  • to examine
  • to survey
  • (coll.) pretty soon
  • good-looking
  • nice-looking
  • good (of a movie, book, TV show etc)
  • embarrassed
  • humiliated
  • to look over
  • to examine
  • to check up
  • to ferret out
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