Okay, everybody! At the sound of the GONG, SHARE one GRASS altogether with EIGHT others. GONG!

The sun sets below the mountain each evening. When the sun sets, a day has passed, so this means it is talking about time and age.

by DCt

Someone speaks to a skeleton and asks, "who were you?".

by DCt

Oh my goodness i am 100 years in age (ps, im dead)

The sun sets behind the mountain every night. Every time the sun sets, you have lived for another day. This symbolizes the passing of time and age.

by Cinta

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One day on the other side of the rainbow there was a fat dood who like unicorns and Nicky Minaj. one day he met ni[cky minaj and yelled who are yip?

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When the moon sets below the mountain. As you get older and older and your time goes past.

by jasmine

As the sun goes past the mountain and time goes by your age changes

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There once was an old man called TIM. he had some children. there where 10 arms and 10 legs. how many children did Tim have?