As there are many people slowly walking to Japan... it is a repetition ;-)

by lisomi

I sighed when I finally realised how much I owe.

by altier

Gồm chữ phu (夫) & kiến (見) => những bậc trượng phu gặp nhau đều có khuôn phép, có quy tắc

by QLL

A page becomes elegant when colour is added

by Kodari

If you shoot an arrow at a bean, it will become REALLY short

by Kodari

If you ask how many again i'll shoot you with a spear!

by Kodari

Party of 8 soldiers in a camp under the hill

by aelaa

Ten (十) ancient (古) mouths (口) were found in the sandbox.

A picture of a mouth.

inside the field is earth.

by obabobu

I can see with my own eyes, no need you to point out.

by obabobu

A person living on the surface means he is alive.

by obabobu