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ㄍㄜ ˊ

small side door

閤 is a 14 stroke, simplified and traditional Chinese character and is pronounced as in the second tone, however it can also be pronounced as .

In simplified Chinese the character may be used.

It is made up of the components (gate) and (join).

  • ㄍㄜ ˊ

    small side door

    • ㄇㄣ ˊ



    • ㄏㄜ ˊ


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We found 2 pronunciations for 閤

Definitions for 閤 pronounced as gé

  • side door
  • variant of 閣|阁[ge2]
  • pavilion
  • cabinet
  • boudoir

Definitions for 閤 pronounced as hé

  • variant of 闔|阖[he2]
  • variant of 合[he2]