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ㄋㄧ ˊ

secondary rainbow

霓 is a 16 stroke, simplified and traditional Chinese character and is pronounced as in the second tone.

In traditional Chinese the character may be used.

It is made up of the components (rain) and (son).

  • ㄋㄧ ˊ

    secondary rainbow

    • ˇ


    • ˊ



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We found 1 pronunciation for 霓

Definitions for 霓 pronounced as ní

  • Japanese cicada
  • old variant of 霓[ni2]
  • secondary rainbow


The most common words for 霓 — see all

  • Nichang, abbr. for the Tang Dynasty song "Raiment of Rainbows and Feathers" 霓裳羽衣曲[Ni2 chang2 yu3 yi1 qu1] or 霓裳羽衣舞[Ni2 chang2 yu3 yi1 wu3]
  • nichang, rainbow colored clothes worn by the Eight Immortals 八仙[Ba1 xian1]
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