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芬 aroma

You walk through a GRASSY field and you smell the GRASSY aroma. You DIVIDE the GRASS and press it against your nose. What kind of aroma is GRASS?
by DIEnosaurKyo

多 many

Someone asks you how many dusks have passed. many, you lie to him. Actually, it was only two DUSKS. But he doesn't know that...
by DIEnosaurKyo

兒 son

The first radical looks a bit like a broken cage. But what is it that broke out of that CAGE? It's your son! He was disobedient, so you put him there.
by DIEnosaurKyo

儿 son

This character looks like two legs, doesn't it? Although one of them is a bit crippled. Who do these legs belong to? Your son.
by DIEnosaurKyo

贝 sea shell

A person, YOU, enters the BORDERS of a new land. You're surprised by what you find. In these BORDERS everyone is a sea shell! Look down, YOU are too!
by DIEnosaurKyo

貝 sea shell

You walk down the beach and with you EYE you spot EIGHT sea shells. How curious! You walk over and you pick them up. Count them out loud as you do.
by DIEnosaurKyo