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多 is a 6 stroke, simplified and traditional Chinese character and is pronounced as duō in the first tone, however it can also be pronounced as duó.

  • ㄉㄨㄛ



    • ㄒㄧ


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Giống như một bức tranh miêu tả cảnh ngày xưa: Ngày xưa thịt bán ngoài tiệm thường được xâu thành chuỗi và treo lên. Vì thế, 多 nghĩa là nhiều
by MoDungPhuc

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Someone asks you how many dusks have passed. many, you lie to him. Actually, it was only two DUSKS. But he doesn't know that...
by DIEnosaurKyo

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The new duo Xixi will perform at dusk, many fans will watch.
by simplifiedsiopao

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Làm đêm (夕 : tịch) rồi lại làm đêm (夕 : tịch), Việc nhiều (多 : đa) như thế ngày sao đủ dùng.
by detuchantu

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We found 2 pronunciations for 多


Definitions for 多 pronounced as duō

  • many
  • much
  • often
  • a lot of
  • numerous
  • more
  • in excess
  • how (to what extent)
  • multi-
  • Taiwan pr. [duo2] when it means "how"

Definitions for 多 pronounced as duó


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