• ㄆㄧㄣ ˇ



    • ㄎㄡ ˇ



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  •  Thumbnail for user: ljohnson48

    You can only buy a food product if more mouths are satisfied
    by ljohnson48

  •  Thumbnail for user: cosemobor

    Three things
    by cosemobor

  •  Thumbnail for user: sderby

    Three boxes are can hold products, or things.
    by sderby

  •  Thumbnail for user: dcloobeck

    It takes more than one mouth to have a fair review of a product.
    by dcloobeck

  •  Thumbnail for user: pkulesh33

    one thing, two thing, three thing
    by pkulesh33

  •  Thumbnail for user: connor0604

    more than one voice creates a product
    by connor0604

  •  Thumbnail for user: pscanlan

    It takes many mouths to create a good thing.
    by pscanlan

  •  Thumbnail for user: aramachandran2

    Many people give their opinions, giving the opinion on quality or product.
    by aramachandran2

  •  Thumbnail for user: pls18

    mouths review a product
    by pls18

  •  Thumbnail for user: tvb17

    If the product of something is of high quality, then there must have been many people helping to come up with the final product.
    by tvb17

  •  Thumbnail for user: csantry

    The quality of something is more believable if more than one mouth tells you.
    by csantry

  •  Thumbnail for user: dosemobor915

    Multiple MOUTHS must review a product before it is sold.
    by dosemobor915

  •  Thumbnail for user: asala2018

    The product is only high quality if more than one mouth tells a review.
    by asala2018

  •  Thumbnail for user: nbreck

    the mouth says what the product is
    by nbreck


has only one pronunciation


  • article
  • commodity
  • product
  • goods
  • kind
  • grade
  • rank
  • character
  • disposition
  • nature
  • temperament
  • variety
  • to taste sth
  • to sample
  • to criticize
  • to comment
  • to judge
  • to size up


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