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块 lump/piece

This measure word just must be memorized. For example: sān kuài qián 三块钱.// He made a decisive 夬 decision to throw a lump 块 made out of soil. 土
by Poluo

卌 forty

This was forty?! Hahaha. Well, it makes sense. The horizontal one 一 still is like that, as well as "two" and "three." Line 丨 can be seen in ten.
by Poluo

免 exempt

A criminal threatened the poor lady with his knife ⺈, saying, he must be except 免 from paying taxes because he is a middle-class 中 man!
by Poluo

合 join

Those Martian kids gathered together 亼, joined 合 hands, and jumped into the opening 口 of a black hole.
by Poluo

夬 decisive

There was this person 人 who spotted a fascinating lined 丨box 匚, and it was so captivating, he made a decisive 夬 decision to sleep in it, like a cat!
by Poluo

胃 stomach

For some reason, the farmer butchered a pig in the field 田 red flowers ... and the raw meat⺼ gladly went in his stomach 胃. 😳
by Poluo

处 place

The fortune teller stood up from her place 处 and told him the divine卜 prophesy "Oooh~!! Your place 处 is not Beijing -- march 夂 onto Shanghai today!!"
by Poluo

乎 seem/care

Long long ago, a man didn't seem to care 乎 about the stroke order, so he used his left hand 𠂇 to write eight 丷 and then the other 3 lines.
by Poluo

招 beckon

beckon definition - to signal to someone to come towards you. So, if someone moves their hand 扌in order to summon 召 you, they have just beckoned you 招
by Poluo

呼 shout

The father seemed to care 乎 about his son, so he opened his mouth 口 to shout 呼 for his misbehavior.
by Poluo

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