• ㄉㄚ ˋ


    • ㄖㄣ ˊ



    • one

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  •  Thumbnail for user: EloraK

    A person raising the bar '1'is big.
    by EloraK

  •  Thumbnail for user: tt101

    standing up for someone takes big guts
    by tt101

  •  Thumbnail for user: cosemobor

    the person grew bigger
    by cosemobor

  •  Thumbnail for user: dyoung

    looks like a person showing how big something is
    by dyoung

  •  Thumbnail for user: aramachandran2

    A bigger part of a normal person, ren.
    by aramachandran2

  •  Thumbnail for user: tshaver64

    A man stretching his arms to show his power.
    by tshaver64

  •  Thumbnail for user: ljohnson48

    A person making himself seem bigger by extending his arms.
    by ljohnson48

  •  Thumbnail for user: csantry

    A man making himself look big by opening his arms.
    by csantry

  •  Thumbnail for user: dosemobor99

    The new kids at Brunswick were small but the school was very big.
    by dosemobor99

  •  Thumbnail for user: asala2018

    A person standing in a room trying to take up as much space as possible.
    by asala2018

  •  Thumbnail for user: dcloobeck

    A person trying to act big by stretching his arms out.
    by dcloobeck

  •  Thumbnail for user: pls18

    someone is stretching their arms showing how big something was
    by pls18

  •  Thumbnail for user: connor0604

    With one person doing one thing you can make a big difference.
    by connor0604


has more than one pronunciation

  • big
  • huge
  • large
  • major
  • great
  • wide
  • deep
  • older (than)
  • oldest
  • eldest
  • greatly
  • very much
  • (dialect) father
  • father's elder or younger brother


  • see 大夫[dai4 fu5]


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