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錒 is a 15 stroke, traditional Chinese character and is pronounced as in the first tone, however it can also be pronounced as ā.

In simplified Chinese the character is used.

It is made up of the components (money) and ((phonetic)).

  • ㄎㄜ


    • ㄐㄧㄣ



    • ā


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We found 2 pronunciations for 錒


Definitions for 錒 pronounced as kē

Definitions for 錒 pronounced as ā

  • actinium (chemistry)


The most common words for 錒 — see all

  • actinoids (rare earth series), namely: actinium Ac89 錒|锕[a1], thorium Th90 釷|钍[tu3], protoactinium Pa91 鏷|镤[pu2], uranium U92 鈾|铀[you2], neptunium Ne93 鎿|镎[na2], plutonium Pu94 鈈|钚[bu4], americium Am95 鎇|镅[mei2], curium Cm96 鋦|锔[ju2], berkelium Bk97 錇|锫[pei2], californium Cf98 鐦|锎[kai1], einsteinium Es99 鎄|锿[ai1], fermium Fm100 鐨|镄[fei4], mendelevium Md101 鍆|钔[men2], nobelium No102 鍩|锘[nuo4], lawrencium Lr103 鐒|铹[lao2]
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