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锕 is a 12 stroke, simplified Chinese character and is pronounced as ā in the first tone.

In traditional Chinese the character is used.

It is made up of the components (gold) and ((phonetic)).

  • ā


    • ㄐㄧㄣ



    • ā


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We found 1 pronunciation for 锕

Definitions for 锕 pronounced as ā

  • actinium (chemistry)


The most common words for 锕 — see all

  • actinoids (rare earth series), namely: actinium Ac89 錒|锕[a1], thorium Th90 釷|钍[tu3], protoactinium Pa91 鏷|镤[pu2], uranium U92 鈾|铀[you2], neptunium Ne93 鎿|镎[na2], plutonium Pu94 鈈|钚[bu4], americium Am95 鎇|镅[mei2], curium Cm96 鋦|锔[ju2], berkelium Bk97 錇|锫[pei2], californium Cf98 鐦|锎[kai1], einsteinium Es99 鎄|锿[ai1], fermium Fm100 鐨|镄[fei4], mendelevium Md101 鍆|钔[men2], nobelium No102 鍩|锘[nuo4], lawrencium Lr103 鐒|铹[lao2]
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Chemical Elements

by fenma2001 100 characters

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