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幺 tiny

The tin[y ou]thouse is less than ㇛ private 厶. It’s in the tiny front yard of a tenement building.
by vms5q

快 quick

Don’t thin[k why] or how. When you see a boar, be quick and decisive 夬. Spear the heart 忄 to take it [down].
by vms5q

理 logic

The king's [li]aising with criminals in the valley? Let's put ourselves in his head and figure out his logic.
by vms5q

久 long time

After studying a long time, it's abāot time to wrap up and walk out. Let's [G.O.]! We put DOWN our books AND stand UP.
by vms5q

將 will

Our leader wants a square-inch piece of the moon. We will focus our ener[gy on g]etting it, even if we lay ourselves down flat, exhausted!
by vms5q