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另 other

There was an OPENing when I could've taken POWER from or even taken *down* the <other> person, but I didn't take it, my morals prevai[ling].
by vms5q

父 father

After studying Kung [fu] EIGHT years, he comes *down* the mountainside, and learns it’s time to GOVERN, for his <father>, the emperor, has died.
by vms5q

采 pick

Using i[ts eye]s and CLAWs, the owl swoops *down*, <pick>s an apple from the TREE, and swoops *up* again.
by vms5q

舒 relax

When you RESIDE here, we BESTOW you with everything you need to <relax>, kick off your [shoe]s, and sleep (horizontally).
by vms5q

變 change

I feel like a *down*right different person when TAP dancing on stage in SILK costumes. In other WORDS, I <TRANSFORM> for the audience *down* below me.
by vms5q

泥 mud

The nun spends time in CORPSE pose or, side-lying, [knee] bent *up*, in SPOON pose. Then she gets *up* and goes to the WATER-and-<mud> baths.
by vms5q

裏 inside

You have to wear nice CLOTHES and walk quiet[ly] if you want to go <inside> that church. To enter, you go *down* some steps and *up* some others.
by vms5q

立 stand

Brave[ly] take a <stand>! These evil ideas are like WEEDS! Stamp them *down*! We must put a LID on them!
by vms5q