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至 until

There was only one 一 man with his own private 厶 earth 土 __ God conJURed and sent down a woman to keep him company.
by vms5q

法 method

Bruce Lee jumped UP, ducked DOWN, and jumped UP again to demonstrate how one could “go 去 like water 氵” – the __ he invented that would take him FA.
by vms5q

辦 manage

The tried to __ the country through recrimination 辡 and abuse of power 力. In the end, he was taken DOWN and BANished.
by vms5q

把 grasp

It has been such a roller coaster of a week, with emotions UP AND DOWN AND UP again, that when I see my father I say, "BAba!" 巴 and __ his hand 扌.
by vms5q

召 summon

Feeling DOWN on his luck, he knew he would never escape the prison cell if he didn’t branCH OUt and ask for help, so he used a knife 刀 to cut an openi
by vms5q

时 time

The shadow inches 寸 forward on the sun 日 dial, showing the slow passage of __. No amount of preSSURE can speed it UP.
by vms5q

音 sound

Standing 立 in the sun 日 all day __ like a terrible idea to me. I’d get my umptEENth heat exhaustion headache and spend the rest of the day lying down
by vms5q

立 stand

These evil ideas are like weeds 䒑! We must put a lid 亠 on them! DOWN with them! We must braveLY take a stand!
by vms5q

亠 lid

I already TOld you, the lid of the butter dish has one 一 dot 丶 for a handle. It is UP on the top shelf of the refrigerator door.
by vms5q

扌 hand

He threw two 二 quick hooks ㇚ into the air with his clenched __, UP, DOWN, UP. “I’ll SHOW them!” he thought!
by vms5q