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傻 foolish

"The GOVERNment's army sends only EIGHT PEOPLE MARCHing into the valley? How [sho]ckingly <foolish>!" exclaims Anne.
by vms5q

暖 warm

The SUN's <warm>, and Anne's bathing suit is [new. En]joying the beach, CONSEQUENTLY, is what she wants to do.
by vms5q

贏 win

Charlie's SHELLfish is not ORDINARY - it's to DIE for. The MEAT melts in your MOUTH! He <win>s the cook[ing] contest handily.
by vms5q

爬 climb

"Look, [Pa]pa!" laughs Charlie, pointing at the kitten <CRAWL>ing and <climb>ing up the curtain with its CLAWs.
by vms5q

變 change

How to put it into WORDS? TAPping on stage in SILK costume, Megan <TRANSFORM>s. How can she not [be en]joying it?
by vms5q