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良 virtuous

On ICE cold days Charlie smushes his NOSE against windows so it looks like a DOT - but he tries this on[ly on g]ood <virtuous> people.
by vms5q

訓 instruction

The <instruction>s on the cookie say “Eat Me.” Megan has a bite and is swept down a psychedelic STREAM of thoughts. She [xun]na done that!
by vms5q

慢 slow

Once AGAIN, John looks down from the [mon]ument, one hand over his HEART, one shielding his EYEs from the SUN. The cars look so <slow>.
by vms5q

程 journey

Charlie completes the <journey> according to the ri[ch ung]rateful king's <ORDER>s and PRESENTs him with GRAIN.
by vms5q

光 light

"This LAME LITTLE flashlight gives off very little <light>. [Go on, g]o and grab the other one," says Laura.
by vms5q

疼 hurt

Charlie fell on the WIDE ICY slope and bit his [tongue]. It <hurt>. SICK of WINTER sports, he went home.
by vms5q

牆 wall

Charlie SITs on the Berlin <wall>. He RETURNs home with a PIECE of it. It's scrat[chy. On g]raffiti surfaces, especially.
by vms5q