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我 I

When I hold a HALBERD In my HAND, I feel safe and secure; my ego Is reInforced. (Seen on
by HanziBox

兑 exchange

In a family with EIGHT brothers the father needs to CHANGE a big note into coins to pay their week's wages (seen on
by HanziBox

体 body

The body is the root of every person's life, the origin where all the energy and vital functions come from (seen on
by HanziBox

聪 smart

INTELLIGENT 聪 people are always quick at HEARING 耳. The more information they GATHER 总 the more intelligent they become.
by HanziBox

联 unite

To keep uniteD we must CLOSE our EARS to the sirens songs that will only lead to separation and division. (Seen on
by HanziBox

关 close

EIGHT planets in the SKY form the solar system, an exclusive and closeD club, with no place for further members (ask Pluto) (seen on
by HanziBox