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ㄒㄧ ˇ

fond of

喜 is a 12 stroke, simplified and traditional Chinese character and is pronounced as in the third tone.

  • ㄒㄧ ˇ

    fond of

    • ˋ



    • ?

      • ㄎㄡ ˇ



      • ?

        • ㄘㄠ ˇ



        • ㄎㄡ ˇ



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User Thumbnail

(Also formed by 10 - bean - mouth) I like putting ten beans in my mouth.
by djbbean

User Thumbnail

The Scholars keep saying "I like weeds"
by Kodari

User Thumbnail

I'm fond of putting 10 beans in my mouth.
by chinho

User Thumbnail

I'm fond of fish in my mouth
by ILikeFish

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We found 1 pronunciation for 喜

Definitions for 喜 pronounced as xǐ

  • to be fond of
  • to like
  • to enjoy
  • to be happy
  • to feel pleased
  • happiness
  • delight
  • glad


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