• ㄍㄨㄛ ˊ



    • ㄨㄟ ˊ



    • ˋ


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  •  Thumbnail for user: Cltckaltoum

    Jade the human lives in an enclosure in another country
    by Cltckaltoum

  •  Thumbnail for user: cltcumayr

    my country has a enclosure for jades
    by cltcumayr

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCVietHaN

    The jade is in an enclosure, the enclosure is in a country, the country is in THEEE! country!
    by CLTCVietHaN

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCGizelleTaylor

    Welcome to the country's national jade enclosure. Enjoy your stay.
    by CLTCGizelleTaylor

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCpaul

    I hate jade because im in a enclosure in a strange country in the middle no ware thanks alot
    by CLTCpaul

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCDavid

    Jade loves to go to countries
    by CLTCDavid

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCIsmahan

    jade enclosures are weird in as so country
    by CLTCIsmahan

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCAndrew

    The jade shines bright in the country enclosure
    by CLTCAndrew

  •  Thumbnail for user: rayanhassan8B

    jade is enclosure in a country
    by rayanhassan8B

  •  Thumbnail for user: cltcadna

    jade is enclosure in the county
    by cltcadna

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCMichaelHawley

    Help me! im stuck in a jade coloured enclosure in a awesome country call Canada
    by CLTCMichaelHawley

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCKayla

    The Jade was in hid in a enclosure from the country
    by CLTCKayla

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCOktay

    The jade is like the country but I am the enclosure
    by CLTCOktay

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCbryan

    country jade enclosure
    by CLTCbryan

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCAlicia

    I went to the zoo and saw a jade coloured bird in an enclosure from another country
    by CLTCAlicia


has only one pronunciation



-- Traditional variant

  • surname Guo
  • country
  • nation
  • state
  • national
  • CL:個|个[ge4]


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