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星 is a 9 stroke, simplified and traditional Chinese character and is pronounced as xīng in the first tone.

It is made up of the components (sun) and (birth).

  • ㄒㄧㄥ



    • ˋ


    • ㄕㄥ



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The sun which gives us life is a star.
by johan

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when the sun birth, it is called a star
by batman

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the sun is also a star.
by CLTCEmma

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sun life is a star life (xing)
by thuthuy

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Ngôi sao có thể tự phát sáng như mặt trời và cũng là một sự sống.
by huiheruan

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We found 1 pronunciation for 星

Definitions for 星 pronounced as xīng

  • star
  • heavenly body
  • satellite
  • small amount


The most common words for 星 — see all

  • Sanxing or Sanhsing township in Yilan county 宜蘭縣|宜兰县[Yi2 lan2 xian4], Taiwan
  • Samsung (South Korean electronics company)
  • three major stars of the Three Stars 參宿|参宿[Shen1 xiu4] Chinese constellation
  • the belt of Orion
  • three spirits 福[fu2], 祿|禄[lu4], and 壽|寿[shou4] associated with the Three Stars 參宿|参宿[Shen1 xiu4] Chinese constellation
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