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ㄈㄨ ˊ


服 is an 8 stroke, simplified and traditional Chinese character and is pronounced as in the second tone, however it can also be pronounced as .

  • ㄈㄨ ˊ


    • ㄩㄝ ˋ



    • 𠬝

      • ㄐㄧㄝ ˊ



      • ㄧㄡ ˋ



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Fu dressed in the moonlight, kneeling again
by poptart

User Thumbnail

Only a FOOl puts on their CLOTHES on the MOON without SEALing them AGAIN for the 2nd time.
by denishowe

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It's New Year AGAIN, time to don new <CLOTHES>s, KNEEL, and <SERVE> elders MOONcakes and other [foo]d. This time Charlie will experience it.
by vms5q

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We found 2 pronunciations for 服

Definitions for 服 pronounced as fú

  • clothes
  • dress
  • garment
  • to serve (in the military, a prison sentence etc)
  • to obey
  • to be convinced (by an argument)
  • to convince
  • to admire
  • to acclimatize
  • to take (medicine)
  • mourning clothes
  • to wear mourning clothes

Definitions for 服 pronounced as fù

  • dose (measure word for medicine)
  • Taiwan pr. [fu2]


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