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ㄋㄜ ˙



呢 is an 8 stroke, simplified and traditional Chinese character and is pronounced as ne in the fifth tone, however it can also be pronounced as .

It is made up of the components (opening) and ((phonetic)).

  • ㄋㄜ ˙



    • ㄎㄡ ˇ



    • ㄋㄧ ˊ


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User Thumbnail

The question I ask, is about Buddhist nun having mouths.
by MANgo

User Thumbnail

How about we open the mouth of the corpse with a spoon?
by djbbean

User Thumbnail

The real question is, is a buddhist nun's mouth clean? - since that still equals abstinence.
by richhomiebrie

User Thumbnail

You can use a mouth and a knee ("ní") to ask N.E. question.
by Casper07x

User Thumbnail

A bald man opens his corpse by using a spoon. :)) wait what, that's so weird...
by kimmesenuiwn

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We found 2 pronunciations for 呢


Definitions for 呢 pronounced as ní

  • woolen material

Definitions for 呢 pronounced as ne

  • particle indicating that a previously asked question is to be applied to the preceding word ("What about ...?", "And ...?")
  • particle for inquiring about location ("Where is ...?")
  • particle signaling a pause, to emphasize the preceding words and allow the listener time to take them on board ("ok?", "are you with me?")
  • (at the end of a declarative sentence) particle indicating continuation of a state or action
  • particle indicating strong affirmation


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