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ㄏㄜ ˊ


和 is an 8 stroke, simplified and traditional Chinese character and is pronounced as in the second tone, however it can also be pronounced as , huò, hàn, huó, or .

In traditional Chinese the characters or may be used instead.

It is made up of the components (grain) and (opening).

  • ㄏㄜ ˊ


    • ㄏㄜ ˊ


    • ㄎㄡ ˇ



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the grain will find peace withing the mouth
by Ishimaru-san

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A mouth, and grain inside it, will experience peace!
by makhp

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'All' is a concept like grain opening for person and town, because divine peace underscores every exclusion, no? (story ref 不 和 都)
by talk2dream

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rice opens the door to peace.
by pnlove99

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Only a leader [who o]ffers GRAIN to hungry MOUTHS can expect a land with <HARMONY AND PEACE>. Otherwise expect *up*risings.
by vms5q

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We found 6 pronunciations for 和


Definitions for 和 pronounced as hé

  • surname He
  • Japanese (food, clothes etc)
  • and
  • together with
  • with
  • sum
  • union
  • peace
  • harmony
  • Taiwan pr. [han4] when it means "and" or "with"
  • old variant of 和[he2]
  • harmonious
  • old variant of 和[he2]

Definitions for 和 pronounced as hè

  • to compose a poem in reply (to sb's poem) using the same rhyme sequence
  • to join in the singing
  • to chime in with others

Definitions for 和 pronounced as huò

  • to mix (ingredients) together
  • to blend
  • classifier for rinses of clothes
  • classifier for boilings of medicinal herbs

Definitions for 和 pronounced as hàn

Definitions for 和 pronounced as huó

  • to combine a powdery substance (flour, plaster etc) with water
  • Taiwan pr. [huo4]

Definitions for 和 pronounced as hú

  • to complete a set in mahjong or playing cards


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