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ㄉㄜ ˊ


德 is a 15 stroke, simplified and traditional Chinese character and is pronounced as in the second tone.

In traditional Chinese the characters or may be used instead.

  • ㄉㄜ ˊ


    • ˋ



    • 𢛳

      • ?

        • ˊ



        • ㄨㄤ ˇ



      • one

      • ㄒㄧㄣ



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One needs to take but only a Step to put their Eye on the Tens of beautiful TEXAS and GERMAN cities, which their Heart will love.
by rparent62

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Chim chích mà đậu cành che Thập trên tứ dưới, nhất đè chữ tâm
by thuong

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Mỗi bước đi Thần 10 mắt dõi theo, Nhất tâm hướng thiện ắt sẽ tích đức.
by detuchantu

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I step inside the German castle, climb up the tower, and look around. Do I like it? Duh! I'll cherish the memory in my heart.
by vms5q

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We found 1 pronunciation for 德

Definitions for 德 pronounced as dé

  • Germany
  • German
  • abbr. for 德國|德国[De2 guo2]
  • virtue
  • goodness
  • morality
  • ethics
  • kindness
  • favor
  • character
  • kind
  • variant of 德[de2]
  • variant of 德[de2]


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