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ㄑㄩ ˋ


去 is a 5 stroke, simplified and traditional Chinese character and is pronounced as in the fourth tone.

It is made up of the components (earth) and (private).

  • ㄑㄩ ˋ


    • ㄊㄨ ˇ


    • private

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Qu goes to earth privately
by poptart

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The six-year old tyrant wished to go to a private earth, where he could make all the rules and not have to deal with other people.
by rollredcat

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We found 1 pronunciation for 去

Definitions for 去 pronounced as qù

  • to go
  • to go to (a place)
  • (of a time etc) last
  • just passed
  • to send
  • to remove
  • to get rid of
  • to reduce
  • to be apart from in space or time
  • to die (euphemism)
  • to play (a part)
  • (when used either before or after a verb) to go in order to do sth
  • (after a verb of motion indicates movement away from the speaker)
  • (used after certain verbs to indicate detachment or separation)


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