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ㄅㄧ ˇ


比 is a 4 stroke, simplified and traditional Chinese character and is pronounced as in the third tone, however it can also be pronounced as , or .

  • ㄅㄧ ˇ


    • ㄅㄧ ˇ


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If you compare the two spoons in this character, the one on the right seems bigger.
by rollredcat

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Chữ 比: Miêu tả bức tranh hai người đứng cùng quay sang bên tay phải, so sánh với nhau
by MoDungPhuc

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Thìa gãy thìa lành (匕 : chủy) so (比 : tỉ) ra vẫn khác.
by detuchantu

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Place spoons A and B down near each other. Now compare them by scooping up the one that's more angular. That's right! [B!]
by vms5q

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We found 3 pronunciations for 比

Definitions for 比 pronounced as bǐ

  • Belgium
  • Belgian
  • abbr. for 比利時|比利时[Bi3 li4 shi2]
  • (particle used for comparison and "-er than")
  • to compare
  • to contrast
  • to gesture (with hands)
  • ratio

Definitions for 比 pronounced as bì

  • to associate with
  • to be near

Definitions for 比 pronounced as bī

  • euphemistic variant of 屄[bi1]


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