• ㄑㄧ ˋ


    • ?

      • 𠂉


      • one

    • ˇ


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  •  Thumbnail for user: manhhakcqt

    Một (一) con người (𠂉) đang nóng giận thì thở (已) không ra hơi(气)
    by manhhakcqt

  •  Thumbnail for user: nbreck

    one second of one person in air
    by nbreck

  •  Thumbnail for user: pkulesh33

    there is a person in the air
    by pkulesh33

  •  Thumbnail for user: pls18

    the bowl is steaming
    by pls18

  •  Thumbnail for user: pscanlan

    One person breathes air.
    by pscanlan

  •  Thumbnail for user: aramachandran2

    Air flows very smoothly, like it does in the character.
    by aramachandran2

  •  Thumbnail for user: dosemobor915

    Water is used to steam dumplings
    by dosemobor915

  •  Thumbnail for user: eastlyn

    One angry person who gets second place in a race can cause steam to come out of their ears
    by eastlyn

  •  Thumbnail for user: ljohnson48

    A person with the help of a second can make steam
    by ljohnson48

  •  Thumbnail for user: asala2018

    Two people are cooking and the food is letting off steam because it's so hot.
    by asala2018

  •  Thumbnail for user: connor0604

    One person gets the second angry.
    by connor0604

  •  Thumbnail for user: tshaver64

    It only takes one person a second to create steam.
    by tshaver64


has only one pronunciation


-- Traditional variant

  • gas
  • air
  • smell
  • weather
  • to make angry
  • to annoy
  • to get angry
  • vital energy
  • qi


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