• ㄧㄣ



    • ㄨㄟ ˊ



    • ㄉㄚ ˋ


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  •  Thumbnail for user: BobWebb

    Big mouth! You are always the cause.
    by BobWebb

  •  Thumbnail for user: joolean

    something big is encapsulated in a cause
    by joolean

  •  Thumbnail for user: KokChuan

    Man can stretch both his hands cause the enclosure is really big.
    by KokChuan

  •  Thumbnail for user: CLTCSamira

    i earn money to get enclosure
    by CLTCSamira

  •  Thumbnail for user: ThatOneAsianKid

    cause this enclosure is so big. THERE'S SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES!!!
    by ThatOneAsianKid

  •  Thumbnail for user: ljohnson48

    A lot of things can fit in the enclosure because it is so big.
    by ljohnson48

  •  Thumbnail for user: cosemobor

    flip middle upside down it looks like y
    by cosemobor

  •  Thumbnail for user: sderby

    Because he wanted to impress the people he made the enclosure big.
    by sderby

  •  Thumbnail for user: dcloobeck

    The enclosure is big because it is.
    by dcloobeck

  •  Thumbnail for user: pkulesh33

    because he wanted to amaze the world the man escaped from the box
    by pkulesh33

  •  Thumbnail for user: connor0604

    Because something is big it is very hard to be enclosed
    by connor0604

  •  Thumbnail for user: pscanlan

    The cause is generally big.
    by pscanlan

  •  Thumbnail for user: aramachandran2

    Someone with a big mouth causes problems.
    by aramachandran2

  •  Thumbnail for user: pls18

    because the enclosure is large something big can fit inside
    by pls18

  •  Thumbnail for user: tvb17

    If someone is big and he is in jail, then that person causes problems.
    by tvb17

  •  Thumbnail for user: csantry

    The man is so big that he causeS the enclosure to stretch out around him.
    by csantry

  •  Thumbnail for user: dosemobor915

    BEcause the ENCLOSURE is so BIG many things can fit inside.
    by dosemobor915

  •  Thumbnail for user: asala2018

    Because the enclosure is so big an object can fit inside.
    by asala2018

  •  Thumbnail for user: nbreck

    Why is the enclosure so big? Because
    by nbreck


has only one pronunciation



-- Traditional variant

  • old variant of 因[yin1]
  • cause
  • reason
  • because


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