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因 is a 6 stroke, simplified and traditional Chinese character and is pronounced as yīn in the first tone.

In traditional Chinese the character may be used.

It is made up of the components (enclosure) and (big).

  • ㄧㄣ



    • ㄨㄟ ˊ



    • ㄉㄚ ˋ


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something big is encapsulated in a cause
by joolean

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A lot of things can fit in the enclosure because it is so big.
by ljohnson48

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Why is the enclosure so big? Because
by nbreck

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If someone is big and he is in jail, then that person causes problems.
by tvb17

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Man can stretch both his hands cause the enclosure is really big.
by KokChuan

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We found 1 pronunciation for 因

Definitions for 因 pronounced as yīn

  • old variant of 因[yin1]
  • cause
  • reason
  • because


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